Australian Student Visa (573)-All you need to know

The Australian Student Visa (573) is for international students who wish to study in Australia. This study visa is apt for students whose main course of study is bachelor degree, associate degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters by coursework, higher education diploma or higher education advanced diploma.

The students planning to pursue higher education in Australia must ensure to apply for and be accepted to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia prior to applying for this visa category. Below is the list of documents that need to be submitted to prove your eligibility for 573 student visa:

  • School reports and academic records to prove successful completion of 12th grade or equivalent.
  • Proof of enrolment in a registered higher education course in Australia.
  • Proof of English language ability (as per the department guidelines).
  • Documents proving your financial capacity to support yourself while studying in Australia.
  • Must have health insurance while in Australia. You can obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for medical and hospital insurance.
  • Students must satisfy health and character requirements as well for this visa.

Benefits of 573 student visa:

  • The major benefit is that you can study in Australia.
  • You can take the eligible dependent family members along with you.
  • You can work while studying in Australia. The work duration is up to 20 hours per week while your course is in session and unlimited hours during holidays.
  • Your partner can also study in Australia but for up to three months only. However, if your partner wishes to study for a longer duration then they must apply for their own student visa.

Get in touch with Pathway Visas professionals for any assistance related to Australian Student Visa.


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