Immigration to Canada made easy!

The immigration process requires you to follow multiple visa rules and immigration laws. Hence, more often than not the applicants remain concerned and tense about following the complex procedure. However, in case of immigration to Canada; the applicants can be free from fear and anxiety owing to the Express Entry system of Canada. This system of immigration is probably the easiest one in the world. Read on to know more:

Express Entry Immigration System of Canada

The Express Entry system is the fastest way to enter Canada as a permanent resident. IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) designed this program in January 2015 with the aim to meet the demands of the local labor market as well as to ensure faster access to Canada PR to skilled and talented professionals from the world over.

The express entry is based on a point system called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Herein, the key factors like work experience, qualification, age, language skills (English or French), etc. are taken into consideration to assess the profile of the registered applicants in the express entry.

Owing to its hassle-free nature, express entry system has been and will continue to be an important pathway to get Canada PR. Each year IRCC’s immigration target for express entry is steadily increasing. In order to achieve its annual immigration target, Canadian government has eased several express entry rules and requirements for the candidates. Read on:

  • CRS points for having a sibling in Canada,
  • Increased time duration for visa application submission from 60 to 90 days,
  • Points for education in Canada,
  • No compulsory job bank account, etc.

If you have plans to settle in Canada, get in touch with Pathway Visas professionals to apply in the Federal Express Entry System of Canada with increased chances of receiving the invitation to apply for Canada PR. To know more about them check Pathway Visas Reviews.

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