Top 5 reasons learning French can benefit you in Canada

Canada is a bilingual country and thus both English and French are commonly used there. So, knowledge of French proves to be helpful in studies as well as communication. In this blog post, we have listed some benefits of French language that could enhance your chances of getting admission in Canadian Universities:

  1. International students planning to pursue their higher education in Canada would have limited opportunities if they apply to only English speaking provinces of Canada. Also, some of the best Canadian educational institutions are French language based. Hence, knowledge of French could prove highly beneficial in getting admission into the Canadian universities that provide education in French.
  2. French is the second official language of Canada. Hence apart from English, French too is commonly used for communication, education as well as in official documents.
  3. The knowledge of French adds value to the profile of international students who wish to become permanent residents of Canada.
  4. The knowledge of French also adds points to your resume and thus you have an upper edge while looking for a job.
  5. Knowledge of French improves your international job prospects as French language is considered in many European countries as well. Thus, you can look for a job in countries like France and Germany after graduating from Canada.

If you are planning to apply at a French language university in Canada then it would be good to join any French learning course beforehand. Once you know basics of the language, you can join summer French course in Canada prior to beginning of your academics at the University.

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